Samurai Sword Chopsticks Let You Seppuku Your Sashimi

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If you love sushi but hate sharing, these chopsticks should help fend off any potential unagi poachers.


There are three sets of chopsticks and holders, in all, named after actual 17th century samurai. Those who can't wait until May can pre-order here. Don't be fooled: they may call it a toy, but you and I both know that in the right hands it's a tool for righteousness. Or at least for fatty tuna. [Nerd Approved]



I hope these are not made of plastic, or at least smooth plastic. I bought plastic chopsticks once before, and I was never able to hold them properly because they would always slip out of my fingers.

If it is textured plastic, or rough plastic, then I could see this being useful. But for now, I'll just stick with traditional wooden chopsticks.