San Francisco Bay Area Interns Wanted

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It's time again to look for those lucky people who want to intern for Gizmodo in the SF Bay area.


The position is a lot like our previous New York intern positions, except for the obvious location thing and something different we're trying out. We're looking for one of four different types of interns:


Writing Intern: Your main task will be writing posts, but with a secondary focus on all the other intern duties as outlined here.

Promotion Intern: Great for people who like to talk to other people. You'll be promoting our stories on Digg, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. You should know how to angle stories a certain way, and be familiar with social networks as well as other major sites. When I say familiar, I mean you should read them and know what kind of stories they're apt to post.

Research Intern: You should be good at pulling together multiple forms of information from multiple sources for our editors. This includes online and offline sources and even calling up people to arrange (and possibly conduct) interviews. Mostly, you should have a good grasp of technology and be able to locate and dissect information fast.

Copyediting Intern: English. You should know it. And you should be able to recognize when we screw up. You'll be going through our posts as a copyeditor, fixing typos and correcting our grammar. If you're already doing this in your spare time (for free), you'll love this position.


All of these internship positions will still have the primary task of finding stories for us, as outlined here, look that over and see if you're qualified. If you think you're suited for one of those positions (choose one only please), send an email to with the subject "SF Writing Intern" or "SF Promotion Intern" or "SF Research Intern" or "SF Copyediting Intern"—whichever one fits you the best. No attachments, and seriously, just pick one position you think you're best at.

p.s. a laptop is mandatory, and access to a car is strongly encouraged, although not mandatory. You can live almost anywhere in the Bay Area, but note that you'll be required to travel to SF or Fremont occasionally. The pay is pretty lousy, but you'll learn a lot and be able to play with a lot of cool stuff.


Update: Yes, it's a full time gig, so you won't be able to take college classes (unless you do them at night or something). And if you can't follow directions and send your application to the correct email address and send it to me instead, that's a bad sign that you won't be able to follow directions during your internship.

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Is it like the NYC one, where full-time availability is required, i.e. ruling out students?