Santa LeBron Gifts Unsuspecting Teammates With Flip Mino HD Cams

It's probably just the latest of King James's half-hourly endorsement contract fulfillments, but it's still slightly weird to see the 'Bron at the 2009 MVP rostrum pulling Flip cams out of a Best Buy bag.

First it was Beats by Dre headphones in the locker room, now it's Flip Minos awkwardly distributed onstage at the MVP crowning. By the looks of it, Delonte West is pretty used to the Santa LeBron treatment—he's still waiting for the Range. [Sporting News]


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Yea, it wasn't really commercial worthy since they all awkwardly downplay it and shuffle up to the stage and have that "wow, thanks, this will go well with my GIANT PILES OF MONEY" look.