SATY Mosquito-Repelling MP3 Player Has Built-In Breathalyzer Just Because

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At CES, there's the good stuff, and there's just the plain old weird stuff: SATY, a Chinese company, has made an MP3 player that has a built-in breathalyzer and mosquito repellent.


In addition to the breathalyzer and mosquito repellent (which just really eeks out a high-pitched tone to annoy everyone around you), it has a flashlight, radio, and is capable of playing videos. When the battery runs out, you pull a string repeatedly to power the device. With such a random list of features, it's an all-around device that not only repels mosquitoes the size of Texas, but maybe, just maybe, prevents you from waking up with something Texas-sized in your bed the next morning after a night of drinking. [GEARlog]



So walking around in china one of the creators said to the other "hey you know what we should make next?" The other guy says "no and shut up lets hit up a bar." So they go to the bar and get drunk and walk out. One of the guys says to the other guy " Ow god damnit these bugs are fking killing me tonight hiccup" the other guy grabs his phone and swats at them "damn bugs leave us al—" he trips and falls down. The other guy being so drunk leaves him and gets to his car. The other guy eventually follows and they drive off. A cop pulls them over and he orders them out of the car. He tells them the he is going to give the drive a breathalizer test and goes to his car to retreive it. He comes back saying oh no i forgot it. One of the guys in the car says "you know what bob?" "What jackass" We should make a phone that has a breathalizer in it, that would be badass?" "No it would not" he then sits on the hood of his car and teh bugs start attacking him again and he throws his phone at them. "you know what jackass maybe we should do that only if we can put some bug repelent in it"

And so that is the story of the phone that is to be.