Saved: A Satirical Tale of Teen Pregnancy in a Christian High School

What happens when you mix a gay teens, teen moms, divorce, and disabilities and then put them under the roof of judgey Christian high school? Saved, a comedy that hilariously deals with some topics that aren't exactly fiction.

Mary Cummings (played by Jena Malone) is a high school senior who gets pregnant upon sacrificing her virginity to her "perfect Christian boyfriend" in order to save his sexuality. But it's no use, because Dean gets shipped off to a gay conversion camp and the not-so-virgin Mary is left knocked up. Just in time for her senior year of high school.


Now the once prim and proper Mary is left to friend the so-called freaks of the school because surprise! She's pregnant as hell and needs help keeping her secret. And meanwhile all the good Christian girls It all sounds like it could be a real tale. In fact, in the days of shows like Teen Mom, it's probably not so far from what gets airtime on reality TV. Except it's a comedy that in the end, and one that isn't without a lesson that judge and you'll be judged. (Although not without a little humor). [Netflix]

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