Saying So Much With So [REDACTED]

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Flash "evangelist" Lee Brimelow responds to Apple cutting Flash developers off at the knees for iPhone. Adobe makes him change it. The sentence left in its place? Well that kind of says everything. Things, they are complicated. [Flash Blog]




The guys at Adobe need to stop whining and face reality, Flash is going down. The best thing they could do would be to kill Flash and develop an Adobe App that helps developers convert their sites to HTML5, or better yet, update Dreamweaver to do so.

This is completely subjective, so take it as you will, but I went to Best Buy and saw the iPad for the first time today. The thing is sexy as anything I've ever seen. Made every thing else in Best Buy look like crap.

When I got to the Apple table, I actually had to wait in line. There were only 4 demo units. I didn't see any people playing in the console section of the store like I usually do or anywhere else in the store for that matter. Just about everyone was in the Apple section. Anyway, I used the iPad for a couple minutes until a BestBuy employee wandered over and asked everybody whether they had any questions. I asked him how many iPads they had in stock and was shocked to hear they were "sold out." I guess I was half expecting otherwise since all the Apple Haters have been happily reporting all week that BestBuys everywhere are literally flowing with unsellable iPad stock.

As I was leaving, an old middle aged white guy came through the door and asked the greeter whether they had the iPad. The greeter quickly pointed him toward the small crowd gathered around the Apple table (guess he hears that question a lot).

To make a long story short, the iPad is not some flash-in-the-pan-gadget, it's the NEXT BIG THING. Adobe better get used to it quick.