Scandyna iPod Docks Amplify External Speakers

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There are literally hundreds of iPod docks on the market and not too many that I would lose sleep over. I must admit, however, that the Scandyna dock and V-Dock both have me intrigued; it looks great and it is a powered amplifier rather than your standard pod dock with underperforming speakers, you get two 15W channels for a pair of speakers and a sub woofer; and if you buy the V-Dock, you will have a video output as well.

A 15W amplifier is not exactly loud enough to make enemies of your neighbors, but is perfectly acceptable if you want a little low-impact sound. The frequency response of 20Hz - 20 KHz +-1.0 db is good for such a small amp and in general, the Scandyna Dock is a fine example of Danish engineering. The only qualm that I have is that the V-Dock does not include Apple's authentication chip, meaning that it won't play nice with more recent iPod models. I don't have a recent iPod model, so it would not affect me, but sooner or later I am going to want to upgrade and that is enough of an incentive for me to steer away from their higher priced model. Priced to move at $219 with the V Dock selling for $249. [Scandyna via TWICE, Audio Junkies]

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@LyriCa1z: You knew that going into it. Track down your own stuff and submit it as a tip.

Manufacturers have no incentive to make Zune stuff when there's so little market penetration. Microsoft needs to chump up some cool stuff, because nobody else will make it.