Sci Fi Foods We Wish Actually Existed

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Sometimes, the strange foods in speculative fiction can make your mouth water. These delicious, fantastical items seem so good, you wish you could take a bite. Here are some of our most-wanted fictional snacks.

A brief note: Yes, real world versions of some of these foods exist, but you know they can't capture the awesomeness of the originals.



This soda keep cropping up throughout Futurama's run, but it gets its moment in the spotlight when the Planet Express crew visits the factory. The revelation that Slurm is actually the biological waste product of giant works doesn't stop Fry from loving the stuff. I always imagined it was like a more delicious version of Mountain Dew...



Another Futurama food, this one's deliciousness is once again outweighed by the disturbing truth of its origins. Sure, they are a tasty snack that everyone seems so addicted to that they scarf 'em down by the handful, but popplers are actually tiny underdeveloped alien babies. Maybe someone can develop a cruelty-free poppler substitute?


Romulan Ale

This beverage from the Star Trek universe has always appealed to me. That it's called an "ale" indicates that it's brewed like a beer, but it's blue, and that seems to suggest more exotic flavors. Kirk and McCoy love it, and I'm sure they have good taste. Plus, it's intoxicating effects are apparently quite strong.



In the Harry Potter series, the kids often pop into wizarding pubs to refresh themselves. And they usually order butterbeer, something that sounds absolutely delicious. It's described as a frothing butterscotch drink, served either warm or cold, with a minimal alcohol content. This is probably the most tempting of all of the foods on this list.


Bantha Milk

We never actually hear this mentioned, and we barely even see it on screen. But apparently, those big, lumbering beasts called Banthas in the Star Wars universe produce blue milk. The blue milk has a brief appearance at the breakfast table in A New Hope, but it never really gets its due. I suppose it probably just tastes like regular milk, but I always imagined it was slightly sweeter and more rich.


(Cow from

The Milliways Dish of the Day

This "restaurant at the end of the universe" (from the book of the same name) offers all sorts of delicacies. The most prominent is the meat that serves itself. The Ameglian Major Cow can talk for itself and is bred to want to be eaten, even to recommend cuts of its own flesh. It's a gross thought, but I'd imagine a cow that's bred solely for its eatability, that tenderizes its own cutlets, would end up being as delicious as it is squirm-inducing.



This Elven bread, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is like hardtack, in that it keeps for a very long time and is sustaining for travelers. However, it's said to be much more tasty than hardtack or even a type of honey cake made in the books. It's flaky and brown on the outside, but cream colored on the inside. It sounds delicious.