Illustration for article titled Screw the Grappling Hooks, Im Packing the Adventurers Cocktail-Making Kit Instead

Had James Franco's character in 127 Hours been packing Moore & Giles' mixology bag, I'm sure he would've been a lot happier about having to saw his own arm off.

Looking just like a stately piece of luggage, the bag actually reveals six padded sections for holding bottles, glasses and other tools. Not to mention the ingredients necessary for shakin' up a little white russian. Getting hold of some ice might be tricky, but I'm sure true adventurers can improvise.


The Meehan mixologist's kit costs a hefty $740, which works out to a heck of a lot of booze-bottles. What'll it be, champ? [Moore & Giles via CoolThings via The Awesomer]

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