Second Rotation Buys Your Old Gadgets

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If you want to dump off your old cellphone, camera or MP3 player but don't want to deal with the hassle of not getting robbed off Craigslist, check out Second Rotation. These guys have a gigantic "bluebook"-like list of what gadgets are worth and will pay you cash money within ten days of receiving the item (provided it's not in horrible condition). Sure, it's going to be less than what you'd get from selling it to some rando on eBay, but dealing with a company rather than some stranger seems safer and more convenient to us. [Second Rotation via Coolest Gadgets via Gadget Lab]


eBay is a pain in the butt, though. Having to snap photos, write descriptions, form policies, waste time with auctions, fiddle with shipping, deal with flakes, mess with feedback. And even then, you may not get what you want or should. I say, forget all that junk when all I want to do is just put a few bucks into my pocket quickly.

Some of what this place offer may be lower, but they have to turn around and sell everything they buy in order to profit, so they can't pay you what they might get in the market.

The point is, this just makes things so simple by eliminating all the steps I mentioned above. The way they do things couldn't make things any quicker or easier from what I can tell.

So the bottom line is, what's more important? Your time or a few more bucks in the marketplace you may not even get?