Security Cam Footage of Cubicle Rage to the Extreme is Every Cube Dweller's Fantasy

Click to viewThis is a security cam video of a guy who, to put it lightly, is sick of working in a cubicle farm. If you're looking to get yourself fired in a way that'll legally prevent you from ever entering the office or interacting with any of your former coworkers again, with a free room at the county correctional facility tossed in for good measure, throwing a computer monitor at a coworker and then systematically destroying the entire office is a pretty good way to do so. On the upside, showing your boss this video might be a good way to get him to upgrade you to an LCD monitor. They hurt less when thrown, one would assume.

Update: Hit the jump for video from another angle, a co-worker's cellphone, in color and with sound.

Click to view [Neatorama]

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@ANoel: If you'll notice, it was a security guard that was doing all the fighting back. That's why he had the tazer.

I don't think it's fake. Especially with the second view from the cell phone camera. Unless the whole thing was staged. But I seriously doubt it. And for those saying why isn't there news coverage? This was in Italy or somewhere, this wouldn't make WORLD news! And for all those saying the monitors weren't attached by cables. You tug with that much force, and the cable is going to come right out of the back of the pc. Easy.