Seeing this perfect meat plate of barbecue get made is the most beautiful thing

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It’s probably because I ate a stupid salad quinoa health bowl (purposely but painfully light on dressing and happiness) for lunch that I’m beginning to regret all my life decisions that has led me up to this point where this glorious barbecue spread from La Barbecue in Austin is not in front of my face right now. What did I do so wrong in my life to not eat this every meal of every day of every year of every life?

Brisket, giant beef ribs, pork ribs, pulled pork, sausage, turkey, slaw, pickles, potato salad, heaven. Everything is perfect when all of that is in front of you. Eater went down to Austin to tease us all with the pornography of barbecue available at LeAnn Mueller’s La Barbecue and it went really well:


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