Seesmic Twitter/Facebook App Now Available For iPhone

Illustration for article titled Seesmic Twitter/Facebook App Now Available For iPhone

After being available on Android and BlackBerry for some time, Seesmic is now available for the iPhone—just two days after the official Twitter app popped into the App Store.


Seen as how Seesmic aquired a few months back, it's not surprising Seesmic's iPhone app also includes support for multi-account updating (MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogger and so on are included). Evernote, much loved file-syncing desktop and phone/iPad app, has been worked into Seesmic too, for saving messages or tweets and storing them on your cloud-based Evernote account.

The app has most of the features you'd expect from a social app, and yes—multiple accounts are supported. The free app is available now. [Seesmic Blog via Mashable]



Slightly off topic, but why can't Twitter get their Facebook app working? It's been down for months. You would think they could at least get that POS working right...