Self-Filling Gas Station Pumps: Welcome To the Lazy Future

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The full-service pump at your local gas station is always a tempting option, particularly on cold mornings. Unfortunately, having to tip the attendant usually means most of us always opt for self-serve instead—but what if every pump was automatic? Husky and a company called Fuelmatics are developing robotic gas pumps that automatically fill your vehicle when you pull up. What a wonderful world.

At the moment the system requires a vehicle with a capless gas tank; it can't handle unscrewing and not losing an old-school cap. But more and more vehicles are coming standard with that option. After that, the pump carrying your selected type of fuel is inserted and your tank is automatically filled, while a vacuum shut-off system minimizes any spillage.

Besides saving the driver from having to leave their vehicle or have awkward small talk with an attendant, the self-filling system is also claimed to reduce pump times by up to 30 percent, which should help reduce lineups. So that settles the ease of pumping gas; now if only someone would take care of the price. [Autoline via Autoblog]