Senator Mitt Romney Says FDA Should Consider Recalling E-Cigarettes in Wake of Vaping Deaths

Spineless coward Mitt Romney (right) and wannabe dictator Donald Trump sit down for dinner at Trump Tower in New York on November 29, 2016
Spineless coward Mitt Romney (right) and wannabe dictator Donald Trump sit down for dinner at Trump Tower in New York on November 29, 2016
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Senator Mitt Romney of Utah has called on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to consider recalling e-cigarettes in the wake of at least six deaths by people who used vaping products. Over 450 people in 33 states have fallen ill after vaping and Senator Romney tweeted his concern about the lack of federal action on Tuesday.


“.@US_FDA should consider recalling e-cigarettes as it continues to investigate recent deaths and illnesses related to vaping,” Romney tweeted on September 10. “I’m increasingly concerned that a generation of young people has been deceived into thinking e-cigarettes are safe.”

Romney also sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar this morning warning that we don’t know enough about this relatively new technology which is being targeted at young people, according to The Hill.

“These devices are already in the hands of millions of users–including an increasing number of young people–and health experts do not yet have a full understanding of the causes of these devastating health outcomes,” Romney said in a statement obtained by The Hill.

The FDA is in charge of regulating e-cigarettes but some states and cities have complained there hasn’t been significant guidance from the agency on product safety. San Francisco recently announced that e-cigarette products would be banned in the city until there are proper regulations put in place at the federal level.

Public health experts have sounded the alarm about vaping products in recent weeks as hundreds of Americans, from teens to those in their 50s, have fallen ill. There are a number of theories about what’s causing the illnesses and death, as some speculate it could be the Vitamin E that’s included in some of the vaping products. Others theorize it could have something to do with the black market THC that seems to be a common factor among those who died. Most users who have fallen ill have vaped THC, but many have also vaped nicotine.

Romney, a man who will likely be remembered by history as a coward who wouldn’t stand up to President Donald Trump as the country descended into an authoritarian dystopia, won his Senate seat in a landslide and isn’t up for reelection until 2024.




Jesus Christ, no kids think vaping is safe. The few that might think that, well, the world will be better off without them. It was marketed as safer than smoking, so is juggling chainsaws. Vaping prepackaged, name brand e-liquids probably won’t kill you (quickly). The shit someone whipped up in their bathtub at home, that might be a problem. I think we should recall the brainless politicians, they do way more damage.