Business Week columnist Stephen "Wild Thing" Wildstrom writes that kids going away to college should bring a tolerance for bad beer, a copy of Dave Matthews' Under the Table and Dreaming and a Mac.

While I have been a Mac fan for years, I have never felt strongly enough to make the Mac a default recommendation. But things have changed. Mac software, both the OS X operating system and the applications such as iPhoto and GarageBand bundled with it, have gotten steadily better, while Windows seems stuck in a rut.


Stuck in a rut, you say? Pshaw! How are the geekses out there ever going to meet girls by ridding their powder-pink stickered Windows laptops of spyware, viruses, and porn pop-ups? Plus, what if some clueless Prof fails them for not using the "right kind of computer?"

Advice to Students: Pack a Mac[Business Week ]via MacMinute]