Sending the Great Oscar de la Renta to That September Issue In the Sky

"Fashion icon" doesn't really begin to cover the influence of Oscar de la Renta, who died yesterday at 82. But you can get a sense of his outsized importance to the industry—and culture at large—from one film which managed to explain both the clothes we wear and the people who convince us to wear them.

The September Issue is a highly entertaining profile of famously icy Vogue editor Anna Wintour but it's also very much about her relationships with designers and celebrities who "sell" the fashion she features. Including de la Renta was a must as he learned to play this game early in his career, making sure his clothes ended up not only on first ladies but also on film stars, long before it was customary. Yet through it all—and unlike some of the other design doyennes featured in the film—he projected a kind and gracious demeanor as he tirelessly championed American-made style. So yes, "fashion icon" doesn't come close to the role he's played, but in this case, it fits his legacy very well. [Google Play]


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