SendStation PocketDock Lets iPods Embrace MiniUSB

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The proprietary dock connector on the iPod line is nice for a wide line of accessories, but it forces you to carry a uni-purpose iPod cable. The PocketDock lets you sync and charge with miniUSB, the accepted standard, instead.


SendStation's PocketDock, available now, is incredibly tiny, having "the same footprint as Apple's iPod plug," and features a 3.5mm jack in addition to the miniUSB. The 3.5mm jack lets you bypass the volume board used by the headphone jack, giving you clearer sound quality, just like a dock. It's pretty simple, and a little expensive at $30, but if you use a ton of miniUSB gadgets, it'll be worth it. [SendStation]

SendStation releases tiny PocketDock Line Out Mini USB adapter for iPod

Frankfurt/Main, Germany - August 25, 2009

SendStation Systems today released the world's smallest Mini USB-to-iPod adapter with integrated Line Out jack: the brand-new PocketDock Line Out Mini USB.

Mini USB has become the connectivity standard for portable electronic devices and the latest addition to the PocketDock family of iPod & iPhone adapters addresses that: now you can sync & charge your iPod or iPhone using the same cables, wall or car chargers found with digital cameras, portable hard drives, GPS devices, PDAs and many more. Additionally the integrated 1/8" (3.5 mm) Line Out jack offers pristine audio quality for connecting the iPod or iPhone to your home or car stereo or DJ equipment.

"This is the best PocketDock we've ever created", says SendStation's President André Klein. "Not only did we further improve our already known, excellent built-quality, but we were also able to shrink the size by an incredible 66% over our existing USB Line Out model."

The new PocketDock Line Out Mini USB comes in black color, weighs merely 4 grams and with 7 by 25.5 mm has the same footprint as Apple's iPod plug, thus fits through the dock connector opening of any case. Like all SendStation accessories with 30-pin dock connector, it is "Made for iPod" certified.

SendStation has also redesigned the included set of slim audio cables: the RCA (Cinch) plugs feature a flattened top to accept the thumb, which, by slightly turning while pulling, helps to unplug them easily.

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Pricing & Availability

The SendStation PocketDock Line Out Mini USB is immediately available from SendStation Systems at and from authorized dealers worldwide. Suggested retail price across Europe is EUR 29.95, respectively USD 29.95 in the US and the rest of the world.


Lol fail. Micro USB is now the "accepted standard" for mobile phones not mini USB. Sendstation and Giz, shame on you. And €30, what? They think they're Apple or something?