Shaggy: It Wasn't Me

Okay, so first of all this is a classic favorite. I know "It Wasn't Me" because it was on Now That's What I Call Music 6 and I really can't over emphasize how well I know Now 6. Anyway, I recently saw the video for "It Wasn't Me," it's unclear how, and I realized that it had a lot of fascinating tech in it. There's video surveillance, video conferencing, semi-smartphones, texting, and even some invasive GPS. "It Wasn't Me" and its corresponding video came out in 2001, and a lot of this stuff looks like (the hilarious version of) the tech we rely on today. Shaggy's prescience and insight should not come as a surprise to anyone.


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Not an hour ago my wife and I were talking about music and had a random lengthy discussion about Mr. Boombastic. That's just weird. Get out of my head!!!