Shanling MC-30 iPod Dock Has CD Player, Radio, Tube Amps

Illustration for article titled Shanling MC-30 iPod Dock Has CD Player, Radio, Tube Amps

The Shanling MC-30 Music Center is proof that not all iPod docks have to look the same. It comes packed with not only iPod support, but a Hi-Fi CD player, an AM/FM tuner, and a tube power amplifier. The single-ended tube amplifier allows for 3 watts of power per channel to whatever speakers you have hooked up. And in case you missed the giant photos, it looks kind of awesome.


The squat chassis is made with brushed aluminum and has some attractive LED highlights. It's legs aren't just for show, either, as the caps on its two forward supports act as an input selector and volume control. So now that you're all excited it's time to bring you back down to Earth: $1,000 for the unit. That's a big price, but you can bet you'll run into very few people with a setup like this. [Elusive Disk via Audio Junkies]

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and to think i was thinking of buying some shanling hardware for the home. I've heard it before and its very good. The move to an ipod docking station with tubes is ghey..

FYI - 3 watts is plenty for home audio out of tubes. Don't get too hung up on larger power figures because in reality they mean very little when it comes to home audio.