Share the Best Drone Video You've Ever Shot (And Tell Us How You Did It)

Last week, a man pushed a drone out his Seattle hotel window and conducted a fly-by of the nearby Space Needle. Police got a report that the drone had hit the Needle, and confiscated the video he had shot as evidence. But there was no collision, just this dramatic sunset footage, with tiny tourists waving from the observation deck.


It's hard to remember how we used to shoot aerial footage before drones. So many little details in a city can only be captured from the lenses of these nimble flying cameras. After we posted a beautiful quadcopter video of Los Angeles by Ian Wood a few days ago, several of you shared your own drone-shot films.


We saw this gorgeous aerial view of Arcosanti, a sprawling urban laboratory in the Arizona desert, by Edan Cohen:

And this lovely perspective of San Francisco by Jeff Cable (friend of Woz) who also wrote up a great explanation of how he did it:

After surveying this small sampling of great talent, we figured it was high time we put the word out to all our Gizmodo-reading aerial filmmakers. Share your best drone-shot films below, and if you could, give us a little insight into how you shot them. All you need to do is paste the YouTube or Vimeo link and it will automatically embed. With Obama possibly issuing an executive order on drone privacy in the coming months, who knows how much longer we'll be able to appreciate this art form.


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