Sharp makes a glasses-less 3D parallax screen that we're all pretty sure is the display behind the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. But Nintendo won't be the only portable product to get the tech—nor will Nintendo get the largest version.


While the Nintendo 3DS will most likely score Sharp's 3.4-inch screens, Sharp is also manufacturing a 10.1-inch version of their 3D display—an optimal size for netbooks, tablets and eBook readers.

Assuming an accompanying UI actually took advantage of the 3D capabilities (and Sharp's 3D looks as good as early reports have indicated), it's not hard to imagine 3D reinventing the mobile industry in the next 5 years as much as touchscreens did in the last 5 years. At its heart, 3D is a means to expand the real estate of a small screen—it's loaded with a whole extra dimension ready to convey information.

Then again, gimmick 3D and functional 3D are two very different things. Building a great 3D display is an engineering feat; designing a great 3D interface may require a design miracle. [Akihabara News]

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