Shepard Smith 'Guaran-Darn-Tees Ya' That His BlackBerry Is Safer Than a Big Mac

Shep Smith can get 140 characters down with his BlackBerry without taking his eyes off the road, but he can't eat a Big Mac without crashing. Surprising since it shouldn't take more than one bite with that mouth.


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Shep is awesome and could easily type a novel on his Blackberry 140 characters at a time, however compared to the average person who thinks their car is a phone booth and drives while smoking, texting, tuning the radio, and reading a magazine.

It takes a few bad eggs to ruin it for everyone. I have a simple solution:

Create one law, called the Distracted Driving Law. If you do anything that seems to impare your driving ability a police officer has the right to pull you over and fine you $500 and/or confiscate what caused the disctraction for 30 days.

I know several people, (including Shep), who can easily text or talk on the phone without being distracted.