Sherpa, Google's One Today, and More

Google has some exciting things on the horizon for Android. Its foray helping with charity transparence is already in beta, and the GoogleGlass companion app is finally here, even if most people still aren't ready to drop $1,000 bucks for the hardware.


One Today: Part of, its non-profit site, One Today's ultimate goal is to make sure people are completely informed about where there money is going and then encouraging a $1 donation to their organization of choice. And of course, there's a social component that allows you set to a certain amount you're willing to match if your friends donate as well. You feel better about knowing where your money is going, and charities are getting what they need. Everyone wins. You can request an invite here. [Free]

MyGlass Companion App: Though this is completely useless for pretty much every single one of us (since we don't have Google Glass), Google just released the companion Android app for Google Glass called MyGlass in Google Play. Even Google so cheekily reminds us that the app does nothing (without Glass, that is) saying: "If you don't have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time. Sorry about that. But if you swipe the screenshots to the right you'll see there's a picture of a puppy in pajamas. So not a total waste of time after all." [Free]


Sherpa: Bark something at Siri and it might get back to you with what you're looking for. Google Now is supposed to serve up relevant information when you need it without having to do the legwork yourself. Now imagine the two merging together to form a Voltron-like personal assistant. Sherpa is that Voltron and it's finally available in the US. [Free]


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