She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid: LHC Hyperdrive Testing a Possibility

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Parallels between the Large Hadron Collider and the beloved Millennium Falcon are becoming increasingly clear. Both take a bit of work to get off the ground; both feature rogue agents; and soon both could employ hyperdrive technology.


Except, obviously, in the case of the LHC this is real hyperdrive technology and testing we're talking about, whereas, sadly, Han's bucket of bolts will remain firmly in the realm of sci-fi.


But no matter. If physicist Franklin Felber gets his way then an ancient, unknown German research paper from the 1920s could get dusted off and have its thesis tested in the LHC. Called the "Foundations of Physics," the paper proposed that under certain circumstances a stationary mass can, on occasion, repel a "relativistic particle." Ferber's theory proposes that the opposite must also be true, and that this can be tested at the LHC.

In the experiment, Felber would monitor a test mass inside the ring as particles shoot past it. The work would not interfere with other already scheduled projects, and if it works we'd be one small step closer to unlocking that coveted near light speed achievement. That is, if the LHC ever starts up again. Where's R2? [Technology Review via Engadget]

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All the drama surrounding this thing isnt helping We, the Paranoid Public, feel any better about it.