Shimon Robot Takes Over Jazz As Doomsday Gets a Bit More Musical

It's over. Improvisational jazz was the last, robot-free area humans had left, and now it's tainted by the machines.

Even so, you have to admit the tech driving this jazzy robot is pretty amazing. At least they'll be able to carry a tune as we march into the slave pits, amiright?


As you'll see in the live performance, Shimon, a robotic marimba player, actively listens to human pianist Guy Hoffman, and then tries to predict complementary notes and themes, and match them to the performance. Dare I say it, at the risk of sounding like I'm brown nosing the robots (which I totally am), the tune sounds decent. [Guy Hoffman - Thanks, Guy! Yeah, it's the same guy!]



So, I was impressed at the beginning, but then the middle sounded crappy, but then the end sounded alright. As a jazz trumpeter myself, a real robot can't get into the groove, yet. Situation averted.