Shit-for-Brains Hang-Gliding Pilot Poops Out Big Material Evidence

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A Vancouver man named William Jonathan Orders was charged with obstruction of justice after swallowing the memory card from a video camera that was on when a woman fell to her death at his hang-gliding business last week.

Lenami Godinez-Avila fell 300 meters off Mount Woodside in the Fraser Valley while on a tandem flight with Orders, after her rigging became detached from the glider. Orders's rigging was secure and Godinez tried to hang on to his feet, but she lost her grip, bringing one of Orders's shoes down with her.


Orders offers his hang-gliding customers the option to purchase a video recording of their flights with him, something he captures using a specially mounted camera pole, as advertised on his website. After the accident, Orders removed the camera's memory card and swallowed it whole, seemingly desperate to prevent investigators from finding out what truly went wrong on that fatal flight.

Earlier this week, x-rays were done to track the evidence's "progress" in Orders's GI tract, and now police have confirmed the memory card has been successfully recovered. There is not yet any word on what, if anything, is shown on the video of the fall. Nor have they chosen to discuss the "nature" of the, ahem... "retrieval." [Vancouver Sun - Image via Jiri Hera/Shutterstock]