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With the power of Bluetooth...comes BlueSLR! A magical Bluetooth dongle which hooks up to Nikon DSLRs for controlling from iOS devices up to 300 feet away. Unfortunately only Nikon cams are supported at the mo, but Canon's aren't far behind.


While it'd be great if the photos could be sent wirelessly to the iOS device as soon as it's taken, for now the dongle only works from the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to Nikon. GPS information can also be ingrained in each photo, but for many photographers it's going to be the manual control (from a distance) which will be the selling point here.

Depending on the model of Nikon owned, there's a compatible dongle—the pro models get a slightly different one, but both cost $149. On sale now from their website, shipping is free until December 10th, and the app is free now. [BlueSLR via Electronista]


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