Short documentary: What it's like to be in Nepal after the earthquake

Another massive earthquake hit Nepal today, this time the epicenter was near Mount Everest. It’s so sad because the people of Nepal are still recovering from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake just two weeks ago that had killed thousands and wrecked Nepal to an unimaginable degree. Samaritan’s Purse filmed this short to tell the stories of the survivors and shows ways in which we can help out.

The destruction of the city of Kathmandu is still heartbreaking to see.


And a shocking reminder of how terrifying the earthquake was:

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i think that the title is misleading.

its not “What its like to be in Nepal after earthquake” .

its about christian missionary organization, using this poor people tragedy to push there religious agenda. pure disrespect towards the Nepalis culture.

there are enough aid organizations that REALLY help, without all the mambo jumbo jesus bulls**it.

i feel sick now.