Sideshow Fills the Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hole In Your Figure Collection

Before it's through, Sideshow Collectibles will have turned every single character appearing in a comic book movie into an impossibly lifelike and detailed 12-inch action figure. And that's perfectly ok, because it means we even get a miniature version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's John Blake from The Dark Knight Rises, and we (those who saw the film) all know why that's awesome.


With 30 points of articulation, a tiny dark blue Gotham PD uniform, every accessory a 12-inch cop could need, and a flawless head sculpt of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, collectors couldn't possibly ask for more. But this $280 figure, arriving next August, also includes a working LED version of the bat signal that can be turned on and off using an included remote. But do you really need to call for Batman's help when (SPOILER ALERT) Robin (SPOILER ALERT) is already right here? [Sideshow Collectibles via Plastic and Plush]


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