Sigourney Weaver Seduces Aliens, Drops Dope Rhymes In New Galaxy Quest DVD

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Just how multitalented is Sigourney Weaver? Here she is, seducing two aliens and then doing a rap tribute to her ICM agent, Sam Cohn. Just two of the features on the new Galaxy Quest DVD.

Galaxy Quest gets a much-deserved fancy presentation in this tenth anniversary DVD, which just hit stores. The movie itself has never looked better - I figured I would just watch 15 or 20 minutes to see how it was holding up, and wound up watching the whole thing. The effects don't look nearly as dated as I'd feared, and the humor is just as fresh as ever - especially with all the excitement about Star Trek coming back from retirement.

Besides the above rap song (which Weaver explains she made as a "present" to her agent, because he was having a giant birthday dinner in New York and she couldn't be there) and the above deleted scene, there are tons of great extras. The other deleted scenes are mostly pretty great, including a sequence where Alexander (Alan Rickman) gets shown his quarters aboard the NSEA Protector — including a very unconventional bed.


There are also the usual featurettes, which are pretty entertaining and bizarre. I didn't realize that GQ started life as a spec script called Captain Sunshine - and that the Alan Rickman character was the villain. He was a science fiction writer who has written a ton of successful books, but felt frustrated and limited by our petty world - so he did a ton of experiments and created an interplanetary gateway, which took him to another planet. There, he enslaved the simple inhabitants and became, basically, Ming The Merciless. Until the inhabitants saw the "historical recordings" of Tim Allen's character, and went to fetch him, as the only person who could scare their dictator.

Also, it sounds as though Tim Allen really went "method acting" on the set and tried to be as much of an arrogant jerk as his character, ham actor Jason Nesmith - on purpose, he claims. (Sam Rockwell remembers Allen being a total dickwad in the makeup trailer when they made him wait his turn, saying "Guess whose name is first on the call sheet.") And Allen and Daryl "Chill" Mitchell (who's rapping with Weaver and Rockwell, above) would clown around on set, until Rickman asked them to act professional. Rickman and Weaver, meanwhile, were constantly doing exercises and being actorly. (But then at the end of the day, Rickman would invite Allen and Chill to his trailer for wine.)


One thing that endears me to Allen, though: He talks in the featurettes about how he reads "scifi blogs" and knows that everybody thinks every movie he's been in was a piece of shit... except this one.