Simon Pegg's Joke Sequel to Shaun of the Dead Still Sounds Funnier Than Most Movies

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With Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright’s fabled “Cornetto Trilogy”—Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End—at an end, the odds of ever getting a follow up to one of those movies were always low. But it’s good to know that even Pegg’s pub joke pitches about sequels sound as ludicrously good as the actual movies.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the legacy of Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg revealed that any rumors about a sequel to the movie—which he brilliantly dubbed From Dusk Till Shaun—were little more than jokes he’d shared with Wright and friends:

I jokingly wrote a treatment for From Dusk Till Shaun, which was a sequel to Shaun of the Dead. It was all about Shaun and Ed having to go up to Edinburgh, or something. I don’t know. It was ridiculous. And it was a joke. It wasn’t like a serious pitch. Edgar thought it would be funny to do the film again, but with vampires. But it was all just pub talk.


Meanwhile, Edgar Wright offered an alternate joke-pitch: Shaun of the Dead, without, well, the Dead:

There was a brief idea we had, that we entertained for all of like 72 hours, where I thought you could do an alternate reality sequel. It basically starts with the same movie but then it becomes not about zombies. But these films, they take three years. So, it’s like, if you’re doing another movie, let’s do something completely different.

Honestly, I’m now quite miffed that neither of these movies never went beyond an idle joke amongst Pegg and Wright. Both sound like a ton of fun—and honestly better than most sequel ideas we actually get!