Siri for Android Sucks Even Worse than Siri for iPhone

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Want a digital personal assistant like Siri but without all that iPhone? You're not alone. Cluzee, a new app for Android, promises to fill that void. Unfortunately, Cluzee needs a little more time in temp school.

Cluzee is a free app in the Android Market (as of today) that responds to voice commands, much like Siri. The range of questions you can ask it are definitely more limited, but it has some capabilities that Siri doesn't, like helping you keep track of your caloric intake and exercise, helping you find alternative routes to appointments (to avoid traffic, etc.), helping you book travel, and a Daily Brief feature that reads off your daily schedule and feeds you news headlines. It can read your emails while you're driving, shout headlines, tell you how many days until Christmas, convert pounds to grams, and all kinds of other useful stuff. Sounds great, right?

Oh but here's the thing, this app needs work. A ton of work.


In my brief testing, Cluzee was force-closing like a mofo. Like, every third question would make it crash and burn. When you open up the app it presents you with a bunch of sample questions you can ask. The banner sample question, the one that's supposed to get you to your Daily Brief, not only force closed much of the time, but it's also not even written in proper English. "How does my day look like today?" Really guys? Oh, and those news headlines? They don't link out anywhere. Frustrating. Cluzee also misinterpreted about half of my questions, despite my sterling and impeccable diction (thank you, Edith Skinner). Some things worked just fine, and some of it was genuinely useful (like asking how many grams are in 4.5 pounds), but it's just buggy as hell.

From reading reviews it sounds like your milage will vary depending on your phone. In my testing it certainly worked better on an HTC Rezound (running Android 2.3) and then barely worked at all on a Galaxy Nexus (running Android 4.0). Suffice to say, this cupcake needs more time in the oven. Still, if you're curious, Cluzee is free in the Android Market. It has potential, but right now, you get what you pay for. [BGR]


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