Siri's Achilles Heel Is Non-Native English Speakers With Thick Accents

9to5Mac stumbled upon a YouTube video that exposes one of Siri's weaknesses - people who speak English with a heavy accent. These non-native speakers cause poor Siri to get all confused.


The bewildered Voice Assistant keeps searching for Linda when the speaker wants the weather. And the response he receives when he asks Siri to "read text?" Well, it's a classic that you'll have to hear for yourself in the video. [YouTube via 9to5mac]


And this is why I think my wife is going to have problems with Siri...She was born with no soft palate in her mouth (where you and I would have a roof to our mouths separating our nasal cavity from our mouth, she's got none), and so when she talks, she has a slight speech impediment. When she's tired, or when I'm tired and trying to listen to her, she sometimes has to repeat herself several times to make sure I understand her.

However, if Apple can figure out how to make those people understood, they have a WINNER with Siri...