SIRIUS Conductor Unveiled

We first heard word about the SIRIUS Conductor last week after the exclusive SIRIUS press event that bloggers were not invited to, sad face. We heard about the SIRIUS Conductor, some kind of crazy home satellite radio receiver. It confused the hell out of me, but now more information, including pictures, has surfaced making the Conductor a lot more simple than I was expecting.


The SIRIUS Conductor consists of two devices, a tuner and an uber-remote. The tuner plugs into any stereo system. Then the remote does the rest of the magic. It is a 6-in-1 remote that has an LCD screen to display the satellite radio PAD data. This could be extra awesome for houses with audio setups throughout the entire house because the remote has a range of 150 feet. The conductor will be available in November for $150.

Sirius Conductor: Satellite Radio Comes Home [Orbitcast]

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