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Sitting in a 737 Jet Engine Chair Turns Anyone Into a Supervillain

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mother Teresa? Gandhi? It doesn’t matter how nice or upstanding a human being you might be, the second you plunk yourself down in a chair made from the remains of a Boeing 737's massive jet engine, you’ll immediately be mistaken for a comic book-caliber supervillain. Whether or not that’s a bad thing is up to you.

The fact that Fallen Furniture doesn’t a list a price for this amazing creation—which features a polished aluminum swiveling base and an interior upholstered with black leather—is the least of your concerns. Even if you can afford one, you’ll then have to deal with the logistics of getting it into your office or home.


Because, and not surprisingly, Boeing didn’t take into consideration the size of your front door when ordering engines powerful enough to get a 737 off the ground. You can always knock down a wall, or just build a new home around the chair. Supervillains can do whatever they want, right?

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