Skip-It and Twister Now Work With a Kid-Friendly Fitness Tracker

Remember Skip-It, the toy kids shackled and spun around their ankles in an attempt to rack up the high score on its built-in counter? It's back, and now packing some legitimate technology in the form of a kid-friendly wearable fitness tracker that remembers their high score, as well as other fitness-related metrics.


Because now that kids are addicted to tablets, consoles, and other digital distractions, toy companies are doing their best to remind parents that sitting on the couch for 12 hours straight probably isn't that great for their health. So Hasbro created the $15 Twister Moves Tracker that can be worn with an included strap to keep tabs on how much a child is walking, running, jumping, or being active. And it's got a couple of built-in digital games to help encourage kids to keep wearing it.

The Twister Moves Tracker can be attached to other accessories too, like the aforementioned $20 Twister Moves Skip-It game, a $15 Twister Moves Hoop which counts off the rotations around a kid's hips, and a new take on the old classic party game.

Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots ($25) plays more like a combination of Dance Dance Revolution and Simon, with players attempting to step on dots that light up in a specific order alongside a musical beat. You can still play with others, but you'll need to take turns now since that giant polka-dot mat is now MIA. And that's not necessarily a bad thing because it also means all of that awkward touching is MIA too. [Hasbro]


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