Skype for Mac Now a Universal Binary

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You Mac users are a demanding bunch, so it's nice to see companies support the new Intel-based Macs, even if it took them several months to get with the program. Skype is showing new Intel Mac users some love today with the release of version (at least it's an easy to remember numbering convention) of its popular VoIP software, this time running natively on both Intel as well as PowerPC processors. Of course, with the move to a Universal binary, Intel-based Mac users can finally rejoin the VoIP craze without having to interact with the bandage to stop heavy bleeding known as Apple's Rosetta translation software. They've also thrown in a web sense feature that shows your online presence in e-mail. Not too shabby, but just don't go bragging to your ISP that you're using "their" bandwidth to make phone calls; it kind of gets them mad. Oh, and be wary of the NSA.

Skype is Universal [Skype for Mac via digg]

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