Slate Says The Nintendo Wii Sucks: Does It?

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The Nintendo Wii launched on Sunday to pretty much universal acclaim—Chen loved it quite literally, putting it down his pants. But not all is happy in Wii World, for some complaints are starting to trickle out. One of the earliest shots across the bow comes from one of Slate's fine writers. The treatise, entitled, "Nintendo't: The Case Against The Wii," rails on the the Wii and the Wiimote specifically for being, effectively, garbage. "The ugly truth is that the Wii's already-legendary motion-detection system doesn't work very well," he writes. For more insight, as well as our own expert opinion, keep reading.

Essentially, the writer, Erik Sofage (a self-described "hardcore gamer" who's written on subjects like the Zune and next-gen video games in general), says that the Wiimote is too counter-intuitive for its own good. He brings up several instances where he felt the controller didn't quite deliver the immersive experience that Nintendo had promised. He complained that in "a sci-fi title" (read: Metroid), he ended up shooting wildly off target and that aiming the gun was a chore in and of itself. In Zelda, Sofage says that the fishing mini game was akin to "T-ball for gamers." He must be a baseball fan because then he assails the Wii for not accurately replicating a major league swing in playing Wii Sports. And hitting a button to swing is any more realistic?


By the sounds of it, unless we're horribly mistaken, Sofage based his opinion on only brief play-throughs, hardly enough time to get an accurate "feel" for the Wii.

If you want to knock the Wii for anything, might we suggest that, yes, the graphics are fairly simple for a "next-gen" system, keeping in mind that we recognize that graphics alone don't make for an enjoyable gaming experience. You also might want to consider that, ever since the Nintendo 64, Nintendo consoles have had pretty poor third-party support after launch. Whether or not that happens with Wii remains to be seen.

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Why you shouldn't buy the Nintendo Wii [Slate]


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Idiot. From the sound of it, I'm surprised he spent enough time playing Z:TP to get to the fishing part... which (unless it comes up again later) could hardly be called a mini-game...