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Slip Your iPhone or iPad Into an Official Pantone Case

Illustration for article titled Slip Your iPhone or iPad Into an Official Pantone Case

If anyone can be considered an authority on something as essential and accessible as color, it's Pantone. So be grateful that they'll share their imprimatur with you with these official cases for iPhones and iPads.


The Pantone Universe collection, a collaboration with the Monoco-based Case Scenario, will bring nine Pantone scratch resistant iPhone cases (Pantone Yellow, Pantone Red 711, Pantone Blue 7462, Pantone Orange 021, Pantone Pink 226, Pantone Green 354,
Pantone Cool Gray 5 C, Pantone 418 C, Pantone Black C) and four iPad cases (Pantone Blue 7462 C, Pantone Black C, Pantone 711 C and Pantone Cool Gray 5 C) later this year.


It's not exactly clear when or where the cases will be available, but Case Scenario's got a contact page where you can write for more info. There is someone who designs something in your life who would find this a very thoughtful gift. [Case Scenario via designboom]

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Douglas Brace

While I'm not a graphic designer or professional printer, I've never understood the idea behind Pantone. Just use RGB or CMYK.