Slowly Slicing Through a Log Reveals an Alien World

Animating anything by hand using stop-motion techniques, one frame at a time, is a time-consuming and mind-numbing process. But in order to create the surreal organic images for his WoodSwimmer video, Brett Foxwell had to slowly slice away at a log, sliver by sliver, while photographing the entire process.


It sounds like a nightmarish, sliver-filled process, but the results seem to be very much worth the effort. The effect is similar to looking at someone’s brain while an MRI machine slowly slices through it. In this case, however, you’re peering deep inside logs and tree branches while their rings and knots ebb and flow as Foxwell cuts deeper and deeper into his unorthodox medium.

[BFOPHOTO via Vimeo]

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It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s wood.