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SLRs are certainly attracting attention lately, but we got wind of an odd story that's certainly a little out of the ordinary. Seems Alana Harford, Chief of Engineering at Canon, is talking about coming out with the very first digital SLR camera/phone called the Digital Rebel XCP. I'm not sure who in god's name would buy something as bulky as this, but Harford says the vision came to her as she was on a "photo safari at my local park." Looks like she forgot her cellphone and was just DYING to make a call, so she decided there should be one on her huge SLR camera. Yeah, well, it's an interesting thought, but how 'bout just remembering that phone next time? Or, I hear payphones still do work in emergencies. Anyhow, this Digital Rebel XCP is being touted as an 8-megapixel phone that can transfer images in both JPEG and lossless RAW format. I'm gonna look into this and let you know if it's a hoax, but in the meantime, think of the possibilities!

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