Slug Slime Is A Liquid Crystal And It's Actually Pretty Incredible

You do not become a forest-floor-creeping mollusk on good looks alone; to crawl effectively, you need something with which to lubricate your wriggling, slimy, slithering self. Mucus, secreted in abundance from your entire body, is just the ticket. But slug slime is good for a lot more than whole-body lubrication.

In this installment of Deep Look, the folks at KQED Science explore a few of the lesser-known utilities of slug slime, a liquid crystal ooze that shares numerous physical properties with the gunk you carry around in your sinuses. It's a great episode. Come for the weird slime facts, stay for the HD footage of slugs in motion.


H/t The Kid should See This



Slugs are my phobia. I really wish they weren't. I get all animalistic when they are around. Like the male equivalent to a girl reacting to a mouse or rat (stereotypically). If I'm not expecting one, I react in extreme surprise and shock. If I already know it's there, I become a ball of anger wanting to destroy it or see it gotten rid of by someone else. I seem to have a similar reaction to other creepy crawlies like centipedes. However, your regular worm you see after a rain doesn't phase me at all. I can pick it up and be fine. I've guessed it has to do with the creepy crawly being strange and/or having a hard substance rather than a simple worm. And I'm pretty sure I can trace my phobia origin to a certain moment as a kid when I was picking up very small sticks from around a tree (about an inch or less in measurement) and one of the micro-sticks wiggled in my hand. It's interesting I can track it back to that, yet nothing I've ever done has cured the phobia. I've even tried studying slugs and they are interesting creatures. But, my brain always gets the best of me and it's hard to get it to rationalize. I know slugs/centipedes/etc. are the most harmless creatures and I am a god compared to them (lol), but something in my head overrides logical thought. Quite frustrating and embarassing at times.