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Any fan of Futurama will recognize Slurm as the official soft drink of the 31st century. You remember the slogan—"It's highly addictive." But if a recent trademark filing by Twentieth Century Fox is any indication, Slurm could be coming to store shelves sometime in the less distant future. The "Slurm" trademark includes:

...carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks; fruit drinks; fruit juices; mineral and aerated water; bottled drinking water; energy drinks; syrups and powders for making soft drinks and other beverages, namely soft drinks, fruit drinks and tea; coffee-flavored soft drinks; Ramune (Japanese soda pops); powders used in the preparation of isotonic sports drinks and sports beverages.

The best part of this is whole scenario is that a bunch of Fox execs and lawyers sat around a board room and discussed the possibility of a future in which Slurm could become one of many "sports beverages." Philip J. Fry, the epitome of an athlete.

While the trademark filing could be defensive in nature, preventing others from marketing Slurms of their own, our stomachs are aflutter at the possibility of ingesting some giant slug ass juice. Who wants to lose some teeth? [trademork via bbgadgets]