Smart Cash Register Knows Who You Are and How Best to Empty Your Wallet

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Mixing real life shopping with the Internet's "up-selling" capabilities, Intel's cash register is able to recognize you and give Amazon-esque recommendations, based on things you've purchased in the past.


At the upcoming National Retail Federation show, Intel will unveil a prototype of a cash register that takes the traditional cash-box to a whole new level. This new register is designed somewhat like an ATM machine, but consists of three LCD screens. Upon swiping your credit (or rewards) card, you, the consumer, are able to view both your purchase history and recommendations of other products on which you might like to blow your cash. On the backside of the kiosk, images of what is in your basket and other related products show a salesperson which items they should try to up-sell to you that day.

Naturally, a smart cash register like this one doesn't come cheap, so in order to cut down on costs and energy, these kiosk will be made of energy efficient LCD screens and processors. Moreover, these cash registers will automatically put themselves to sleep when they are not in use, cutting down on 90% of energy usage.


However, you shouldn't expect them to be popping up in stores anytime soon. Intel created this smart cash machine as a way to demonstrate the future of retail terminals using Intel's innovative processors, so these cash register prototypes will not be put into production. You and your wallet can rest easy. [Wired via Yanko]

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I think putting it in the register is too far after the fact. By the time I actually get to the check out, I am tired of shopping, and no way am I going to get out of line and go back and something else, I just want out of there.