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Don't get me wrong—having a cell phone that can do everything and even wash the dog is cool and all, but this is just going too far. The Photo Violation Technologies Corporation have began pushing out this new parking meter. It will take a picture of your car, including the license plate, and then come hunt you down with a baseball bat when you decide to drive off. Alright, this is kind of neat in a reaming-you-in-the-ass kind of way. It will support multiple methods of payment including automatically debiting a credit card if you stay past your allotted time, and also features integrated text messaging to warn of time running out. Regardless, this still ruins the best part of my day: paying for 45 minutes of parking, staying for an hour and checking to see if I got a ticket. The exhilaration is sometimes too much to handle.

The little Parking meter that could [Phoneyworld]