Snoop Dogg Spinning, Papercraft Singing, and a Full Hour of Failure

Snoop Dogg Spins in Amsterdam with Busta Rhymes and FredWreck

Oh man this Dutch Treat is fantastic. I just watched the first four minutes of this before I realized I have no clue what any of them are saying.

Body Hotel

This trippy music video from David Luepschen assigns a visual element to every individual sound in the song. It's filmed in both stop-motion and real-time video using cardboard and wood props overlaid with an animated vector graphic. [davidluepschen via swissmiss]

People Failing for Your Amusement

On the whole, I'm not holding out much hope for the long-term survival of the species. This is still some funny shit.

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What a Surprise, Most Americans Against Prison Sentences for Weed Possession

AlterNet has an interesting write up about the changing views on marijuana enforcement and cites some surprising figures from a recent Angus Reid Public Opinion poll. Stuff like,

Majorities of respondents in the three countries (Britain 56%, Canada 68%, United States 74%) welcome the concept of using alternative penalties-such as fines, probation or community service-rather than prison for non-violent offenders. At least seven-in-ten Britons (70%), Americans (74%) and Canadians (78%) believe personal marijuana use should be dealt with through alternative penalties. Support for similar guidelines for credit card fraud, drunk driving and arson is decidedly lower.


Alternet via @weedbusts - Image: Invisible Hand]


Mr. Foley

What, you mean you don't want your own theme music? Peter Griffin is not impressed.


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and speaking of snoop spinning, (in case you hadn't heard) here's a recent set of his that caught a lot of people off guard - gotta admit, there are some really nice tunes on here (it's a house mix): []