So an iPhone 9 Concept, Maybe?

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Just to be clear: this does not purport to be anything like the iPhone 5. In fact, it almost certainly isn't. But I can still hope in my secret heart that we'll be seeing an iPhone like this someday, right?

The only feature showcased in this CGI, just-for-kicks mockup by Aatma Studio here that may actually show up in the next iPhone is the full-width display, although that razor-thinness is tantalizing, too. But wait, no, it's not about that. Comparing this to any real idea of the iPhone 5 is like comparing your dream of Abraham Lincoln to an actual photograph of Abraham Lincoln and being reminded that Real Lincoln's beard is shorter and his hat is crookeder and he doesn't shoot justice lasers from his eyeballs.

So let's enjoy this concept, not compare it against an upcoming product that, thought it may not exist, at least has taken some realistic shape in our minds. Let's think of this adorable dollop, with its festive but impractical keyboard and holographs, like we do the horizon: distant, familiar, hopeful, out of reach. [The Next Web]