Some Excellent Capcom iOS Games Are Just .99 This Weekend

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Mega Man II. Resident Evil 4. 1942. All those Capcom iOS games, along with a handful of others, are on sale this weekend for a buck. Guess I know how I'm spending the next couple of days.


Eight titles total are on sale, with a good range of games and discounts:

Resident Evil 4 (was $4.99)
1942: First Strike (was $1.99)
Mega Man II (was $2.99)
Dark Void Zero (was $2.99)
Cash Cab (was $4.99)
Cash Cab: Las Vegas (was $1.99)
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? 2010 (was $1.99)
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2010 (was $1.99)

Also, Cash Cab costs five bucks normally? That just doesn't seem fair. [Touch Arcade via Joystiq]


if anyone is wanting to get some sweet deals (or find out what is free for a day), check out appadvice (website). i use their app on the iphone/ipad... works very well and it's nice to come across free stuff. a great deal of the "free apps" are just junk, which you can usually tell by the terrible icon. however, it's still nice to see updates and thorough reviews :)