Some Genius Crammed the Japanese NES Classic Edition Into an Old Game Boy

After the release of the NES Classic Edition, there’s been quite a bit of speculation about what console Nintendo plans to miniaturize next. The SNES? The N64? The geniuses at Kei Studio clearly want a Game Boy Classic Edition, but instead of waiting for Nintendo to make one, they went and hacked together their own.

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The only catch? The Famicom Pocket doesn’t actually play Game Boy or GBA games, because the guts of this portable console were replaced with the guts of the Japanese version of the NES Classic Edition. So you get to play classic NES titles in glorious 8-bit color, instead of the grayscale palette the Game Boy was known for.

There are excruciatingly in-depth build details on both the Kei Studio website, and the video the team posted to YouTube, if you want to endeavor to build your own. But this hack definitely isn’t for amateurs, because there’s a really good chance you might end up destroying two consoles that are both not easy to replace.

[Kei Studio via Tiny Cartridge]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

The original GameBoy is small enough to house a Raspberry Pi 3. Would be fairly easy to do this yourself with a little tinker work.

Edit: After fully watching that video, I take back my statement, looks more involved than I think I can handle.